Osteopathic Principles and practice videos

Osteopathic Principles and practice Videos lectures

Are you running short of time to study for the OPP content for your COMLEX? Do not worry, we got your back. Quickly review the entire OMT Review book in a day! Yes. We have created all the lectures from the 4th Edition of OMT Review book for you.

What do I get with these videos?

  • All 5 hours of lecture videos covering chapters from Dr. Savarese’s OMT review book 4th edition.
  • Watch 3D anatomy illustrations for easy learning
  • Learn OMM concepts for the COMLEX exam in minutes


  • Chapter 1: The Basics
  • Chapter 2: Cervical Spine
  • Chapter 3: Thorax and Ribcage
  • Chapter 4: Lumbar Spine
  • Chapter 5: Scoliosis and short leg syndrome
  • Chapter 6: Sacrum and innominates
  • Chapter 7: Upper Extremities 
  • Chapter 8: Lower Extremities 
  • Chapter 9: Osteopathy in the cranial field 
  • Chapter 10: Spinal Facilitation & Autonomic nervous system
  • Chapter 11: Chapman's and trigger points

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Osteopathic Principles and practice videos

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