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This is a full prep review program written and developed by Osteopathic physicians to help you pass the COMLEX!

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A COMLEX review prep you can trust.

Dr. Robert Saverese’s OMT Review book (a.k.a The Green book) has been used by over 100,000 D.O students for the past 20 years to study for the COMLEX!

No surprises for you on the test day

Get familiar with the style and feel of the COMLEX with our NBOME simulated question bank interface.

Stop stressing yourself for the COMLEX

Instead of wasting your precious hours searching through countless books and feeling lost for the COMLEX! Grab a copy of OMT Review book, your First Aid, sit back and use the premier resource that cuts the fluff and focuses on what you must know the COMLEX exam.

Higher COMLEX scores guaranteed

We stand behind our COMLEX review prep and guarantee you higher COMLEX scores compared to our competitors. Try us and you will see the difference yourself.

Learn what really matters

There’s no fluff here.

With OMT Review, you have access to over 10 hours of Osteopathic Principles and Practice COMLEX video content authored by master medical educators (who have your back) right at your fingertips. All content is relevant, personalize to you and goes beyond the fundamentals to give you the knowledge on what you only need to learn for the OPP portion of the boards.
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4500 + Comlex level 1 and 2 CE practice Board Questions

Over 300 + OMM review questions Written By Dr. Savarese

NBOME Question Bank Interface Simulating The Actual COMLEX Exam

Access 700 OMT review flashcards from OMT Review book

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  • Frances, OMS III

    This course is great overview of COMLEX and OMT concepts. Easy to understand and read. Hit all of the high yield points. Highly recommend this book for COMLEX prep!

  • Beela, OMS II

    A must have for any osteopathic medical student. Savarse simplifies and distills complex topics into what you need to know,

  • James, OMS3

    COMLEX has some weird OMM questions that were worded very similarly to OMTREVIEW. I was extremely grateful for this resource because every school teaches OMM differently and uses a different vocabulary. If I had only used COMBANK and not omtreview I would have been at a loss for a sizable number of questions. I did both TrueLearn COMBANK and the OMTREVIEW. Combank didn’t test deep enough into the weeds to be very helpful for this new blueprint in my opinion. Having done the omtreview questions (all 366 of them) there wasn’t a single OMM question that caught me by surprise. This really cut down on my test-day anxiety and hopefully improved my score. The advice I’d give is to absolutely use the omtreview qbank qbank. Found those to be the best resources. I did the Saverese qbank over 2 days after skimming through his book and can’t recommend it highly enough. Good use of those afternoons for sure Also, most questions were similar in length to the COMSAE with only a handful of comically long stems. Time was not an issue on the exam. For reference I typically finish NBMEs with 20ish minutes per block and UWORLD blocks w 20-25 mins to spare per block. Hope that helps, GL everyone!

  • Faizur Rasool, OMSII

    Thank you Dr.Savarese and Dr. Adesina for hosting the OMM review videos. They have been beyond a life saver. Time is precious and you have made me get some of that time back to live better. And Yes, one person can make a difference! From the bottom of my heart and family, Thank you Dr.Savarese and Dr. Adesina and your team. Faizur Rasool, OMSII

  • Shyam Patel, OMS IV, LECOM

    "OMT Review makes it so easy to understand what is tested on the COMLEX, it tells you how to diagnose different things, it is similar to COMLEX style questions with the online question bank." -Shyam Patel, OMS IV, LECOM


  • Saarah OMS III, LECOM

    "I personally have used this book from my first to third year of medical school, I have to say it is the best investment I have ever made. I will always remember his mnemonic and details when I am treating patients, I passed my COMLEX with the OMT Review book" -Saarah OMS III, LECOM


  • Adriana Hall, OMS II, Burrell COM

    "As SAO president of my school, I was looking for OMT review book for my school and they worked out a good deal for us, As I got towards boards prep and I was struggling with counterstain, I used the OMT Review book and read chapter 14 and it helped me pass my OMM test. I will be using their Qbank for my COMLEX prep. I highly recommend it, good luck with boards. - Adriana Hall, OMS II, Burrell COM


  • Paul Ozindinma, OMSII, Burell COM

    "I used this in later part of first year and beginning of my second year, My OMM grades have consistently gone up since using OMTReview book, they have qbank and flashcards that help you go over your weak areas. I strongly recommend you get this book.  -Paul Ozindinma, OMSII, Burell COM


  • Bethany Burns, OMSIV LECOM

    I will definitely recommend OMTReview book, the QBank is high yield, the book is high yield for your board exams. -Bethany Burns, OMSIV LECOM


  • Stephanie Jones, OMSV, Kentucky COM

    I m a teaching fellow, I used OMTreviw bookend Bank for COMLEX level 2, the question are so significantly harder than any other question bank out there, they are deeper and goes into critical thinking skills, and really prepares you to answer the really difficult question presented on the COMLEX exam, I passed my COMLEX with OMTReview. -Stephanie Jones, OMSV, Kentucky COM.


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